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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

..Enjoying lunch in Avillion..

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See, cantikkan? This is my first time reached Avillion..Thanks to mama ;)..While both of us waiting for mama to check out, sempat jugak la kitorg snap a few picture..hehe..bukti penjajahan kami ke situ lah katenye..huhu

There!! Above picture is my beautiful mama..Cantikkan she is?Hee..

That's me! Beautiful tOo! ahaks..Like mother like daughter..;)

And this is my adorable boifren..He is damn charming! Like girlfriend like boifren..huhu

Owh..these two pictures was very cute..i dont expect behind the bush, there is a cute lil face was hiding in it..hehe

Anyway, again, thanks to mama for the lunch n the trip experience..We are really enjoy it!;)

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