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Thursday, May 27, 2010


..This is my big big family from mama's side..Semua gmbar2 ni masa Abg I wedding. Really have fun and enjoy cos we all could sit and laugh together..Having those sporting uncle and auntie was really really cool! Ganu kite!!

These two above pictures are my Mak Adik and Kak Dee..There are auntie and niece..Sweet right? Mama's youngest sister..huhu

Kak Dee and Abg Ash..

My luvly mama and luvly sista..=)

My charming lil sis..;p

AJ try nk buat Peace xdpt-dpt..hehe

Both my dearie mama and ayah!!I Love Them..=)

During raptai..hee

Mama's siblings..Pak Teh je tersalah masuk korum..huhu

Me and her..

Kak Dee ngn Abg Ash yg sememangnye suke interframe..=p

Abg Ash's Junior..huhu

Ooopps..mama saya dgn Puan Eshah (Eg's beloved mum)..

My kazens!!!

Cik Zara yang glamor gitu..

Saya bersama mama..;)

Saya dan Dia..

Eg's and hensem boi, Furqan..

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