..Terima Kasih Kepada Mereka..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

..The day when we fall together..

..Our day started when we have to persuade ourself after we had to cancel our planned to go telok ramunia..We are very frustrated with it..But,because of some problem which make we stuck from it,we changed our plan by still having fun at SUNWAY PIRAMID ICE SKATING..

..For your guys information,this is our 1st time experience in breaking the ice..Hehe..Ooops..But not for Adda+Amir..Huhu..They just being our mate in forgetting the telok ramunia..Because we cancel it together,so,we supposed to have fun together tOo..Right guys? Hehe..


Kanda said...

wahhh.. cantik nyer gmbr.
bile nk g maen lg nih.

Iffah Hamed said...

tu a tu..huhu


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