..Terima Kasih Kepada Mereka..

Saturday, September 26, 2009

..Steven's Tea Garden,Bukit Bintang..

..Have you ever seeing this 'Teh Tarik Uncle' maskot? Its like a big mamak standing outside the restaurant and smile to you if you want to order his teh tarik..hehe..Our 1st experience in having there in the middle of the night actually just want to feel some air from the top..Plus,we already got an intention to have some taste of their foods..

..But then,there are a bit dispointed in ourself after the order has come..Seriously I told you that the drink was very nice..Andy had ordered Ribena and for me+Eg,we had shared a glass of Milo Ice..The drink is A..But the food taste was very bad..I,as the fan of Penang Asam Laksa was very dispointed after taste it 1 scoop..It is not that 'kaw'..

..Anyway,Eg had ordered Nasi Rendang Chicken which the rendang taste could be as ok la..But not for the chicken..And Andy order Mee Rebus if im not mistaken..He also got bad faces after taste it..So,to know the price is reasonable and worth it or not,I guess why dont you guys go and try it first..hehe..Different people got different taste right?


Anonymous said...

u jer satu2nye adik yg i ader taw.. n akak pun teringin sgt nk jumpe awak....
awk comey sgt skang....!!!
mish u.. muahxx ;x

Iffah Hamed said...

akak pown cumel jea ifa tgk skarang lo..
n how beautiful u r..
later we set date n time ya..
i am planning to go shah alam..
once i confirm,i'll let u know..
akak,could u send me yo number trough messaging to my contact number ya..


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