..Terima Kasih Kepada Mereka..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So,this is my first entry for today.
I do check my comments with cik Belle which also is the b2b.
And she had no problem in using her picture in my blog.
Thank you to Cik Belle.
I hope you guys are free to visit Cik Belle blog here http://renda-perancis.blogspot.com/.
I am pretty sure that all the b2b outside there will found your exciteness in here.
Actually, this blog was recommended by my sista, cik Lad.
Which she is also one of the b2b in next year.
So,xnak bebel lagi panjang.
Cume sekadar perkenalkan Cik Belle to all of you guys.
Enjoy yourself in reading our entry..
So, what say you?
XOXO ^_^


Cik Belle said...

=) malu ai! huhu

Iffah Hamed said...

^_^ malu plak dia..
u must proud maa..
abes sume org i canang blog u..huhu
bf i pon ske tgk..
dia plak excited nk wat blog..


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