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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

..Hayad - Pilihanku (Acoustic)..

Hi there..
Have you guys listen to their songs?
I mean this HAYAD lo.
Hey! You must ok.
After you guys read this entry, please please please feel free to listen to the song.
I am pretty sure that all of you will fall in love with it.
The same thing goes to me.
I never know about them before.
My friends!!
They sang the song, they keep on bubbling repeated the lyrics and POMMM!!
I add them after they suggest to me.
There you go girl.
You are fall in love!!
The lyrics was nice.
The song was cool.
So,what say you?

p/s:Their album will be launch on Oct or Nov if im not mistaken..And I hope they keep their promise to me.. Where I'd requested something from them. Heee..

XOXO ^_^

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