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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

..Red & White..

As per request, i did find for Red color theme.
And this is what I found for Red & White combination..

The details that I really love so much!!

Bawah ni adalah sampel hantaran yg betol2 mengikut tema warna merah ni.


They used crystal flower in replacing the artificial or fresh flower that most of people use.

Quite nice jugak kan kan..hee

But probably I will prefer to use fresh flower lo.

I like the fresh smells which comes from it..

Yang bawah ni pulak sample for table decoration.
Tempat mkn2, sembang2, gosip2, jejak kasih..
Cantik juga bila di combine kan dengan hitam.
I think its totally English style.
Jarang Malaysia style nk pakai 3 combination color..
What say you?

I think i'm falling in love with the details..
Gosh..mesti mahal kan?
Chantekk errrrrr..

Table decoration.
But this time is more to red and white only.
It doesn't come with black.

So, this is the sample of hantaran.
Its more to white color.
And could use small red flower instead of roses.

Yang ni pulak adalah cake yang saya x berape gemari sangat.
I think it is nice.
Totally nice.
But I can see it wasted.
It doesn't bring any purpose for me.
Perhaps, we could replace it with only 1kilo of cake and surrounded by lil cupcake?
What do you think of it?
Easy to eat.
Dont have to cut2 and all.
Easy to grab by children..huhu
Plus, it is not wasted.
I can guaranty you.
But as for today's I am only purpose this entry to my lil Zarizi.
He want something red+white.
But I hope that he would not attracted to this wasted cake.

This is the flower deco that bridal's trend nowadays.
Simple and adorable.
Teringat wedding Nadia&Hafiz.
Nak upload kasik tunjuk pon, softcopy da corrupted.
Lappy pulak xformat lagi.

Memang kenalah sangat.
Warna tema wedding dengan album ni.
Can see is it?

Yang ni pulak I think its a guest name to put on each table.
Think so..
Coz normally is like that.

My favorite part!!
Hand bouquet..
I think every hand bouquet will looks more nicer if we could play with the color's tone.
Tidaklah semuanya merahh saje.

Ini sample wedding invitation card.
Simple but elegant.
Cukop hanya dengan ukiran kerawang in front of the card tu pun da nampak macam mahal.
Yang penting adalah pemilihan colour..
Door gift?
Is it?
Saya jumpe dalam carian Yahoo, then terus grab ajerr..
But it looks cute.
Plus, there is a message which ask the guest to "PLEASE TAKE ONE"..
Take me! Take me! Take me to the home babehh..


Damnly I love white..

Clutch yang sangat chantek lagi mahal..


Virgin dress..


So, what say you, guys?

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