..Terima Kasih Kepada Mereka..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

..The Greatest Gift from God..

I never thought that yesterday will be my last day with her.
She seems so active as usual.
And every morning before I reverse my car, I will always make sure tht she was not played under my car.
So,I bring her together inside while i started my car.
I dont know why my heart beep so faster than other day.
I had to left her outside the houz so tht she could play with others.
Last nite after office hour,while im in alamanda,I received a text from Lad saying tht..'COCO DA XDE :'('...
Non-stop i cried over the phone until I get home.
Whats make me feel very sad is because she's been hit by 1 of our neighbor few minutes after I left her outside..
Thank God they are responsible for it.
And I heard that his daughter,Danisha was non-stop crying while his uncle did the carrion plant..
I remember that Damia Hannah had told to me n Eg that..'Cocoa is cute as Hannah'..:'(
While im at home last night, ayah was keep talking about Cocoa.
We can see that Ayah loves Cocoa so much.
Cocoa is like our happiness in our house.
Same goes to others like Double,Bubble,Sunkist,Twinkle,Friday..
Actually,If you guys are still remember with my yesterday's entry i had told that me and bonda bought some stuff for Cocoa right?
I bought jersey for Cocoa and Bonda bought some toys to play with her..:'(
And its 2 days before she died.
Anyway,just to share some photos of her which taken by Lad.
Kate Lad,.."Tengoklaa..gambar2 dia masa dia baru dtg umah kite. Aku mandikan dia.."
So,what say you?
XOXO _+_

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