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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

..I Read Pink-Orange-Theme Blog Award..

Again, alhamdulillah..
I get chances in making friendship among bloggers especially b2b..
Anyway, wish to share my 2nd award which came from Cik Syahira..
Nak tahu ape award tu?
Thank you so much dear for the reward..^_^
So, to make it short, i must fulfill the simple rules :-
1- create one entry ' i read pink-orange-theme blog award'-DONE
2- upload the award on your entry and side bar.-DONE
3- at least, add my link for references.-DONE
4- share with us why you read pink-orange-theme blog.

The reason for me why did I read Pink-Orange-Theme Blog is because its inspired me in seeking for pink theme.
Instead for my engagement it also could be use for my sister's wedding.
The one thing that I'm gonna remember this owner blog is her sharing regards to her entries of 'Beauty is Pain'..
Some more, I am really thanked her for not 'lokek' her recipes of the Red Velvet Cake, which is me and incik Chenta favorite cake..hehee
*Excited to bake by our own..huhu..
Next, I also grab some information after read the entry of 'My 1st Designer Handbag And Purse'.
It links me to a very nice place in choosing/buying/having such a genuine brand.
So, now is it enough for me to show why did I deserved this award?
Hehehe..Just Kidding..

5- tag 1 b2b only and invite a newbie to read pink-orange-theme blog.
I think, the b2b that i'm gonna tag this time is Aya Hassan..hehe..Other newbies are welcome to read Pink-Orange-Theme Blog also guys..

So, what say you?


cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum iffah.

haha. tak sangka entri-entri saya membantu kamu. alhamdulillah, kan sharing is caring. ok, lepas ni saya upload banyak-banyak items pink k. hi2x

Iffah Hamed said...

wsalam syira..huhu

mmg bykkk sgt membantu dear..=)
yess,sharing is caring..
heheee..u upload tp jgn kasik smp i jeles tau..hahaa


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