..Terima Kasih Kepada Mereka..

Monday, May 17, 2010

..Thinking of giving new haircut or new hairstyle for myself?..

..This is me. Always get confius when wanna giving a new style for myself..Nak potong lagi pendekkah? atau tukarkan saje stylenya,tanpa potong apa-apa. hehe..i did research which i think its nice to me..
..simple and elegant..

..beautiful and adorable..
-mmg adore dgn si Gabriel dlm cerita Desperate Housewives ni-

..mcm ni rase mcm pernah buat..
..ni pon cute! innocent pon ade..

So,which one do you guys prefer with?


Kanda said...

u need both.
so plz potong yg gmbr 1st skali

Kanda said...

pic "..simple and elegant.." la!!

Iffah Hamed said...

will see then..huhu


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